Meetings of IPEJ Project Team IT21

The Main Presentation in the Meetings

  The Team IT21 holds monthly meetings except for August, which began from April 1997.  The main presentations in recent meetings are listed as below.  For more information about recent meetings and contact information, click "Contact Us".




  • December 5; "The Basic of the Designing/Testing for a Web-based Application" by Shingo YAMASHITA
  • November 7; The Security of Wireless LAN" by Takayuki SHIINA
  • October 3; Report of the embedded software development in Austria" by Suminori NISHIE
  • September 5; "IT in City Planning" by Sakae NISHIGAKI
  • August; No Meeting
  • July 5; "An introduction to digital art creation" by Shinyau IGUCHI
  • June 6; "A Story of Debugging" by Tsutomu FURUSE
  • May 10; "A Report for Activity of the ML & HP KAIZEN Working Group" and General Meeting
  • April 26; "Business Inteligence" by Kensuke SAEKI
  • March 7; "A Discussion of the Education of IT Engineer by a Student"by Ken-ichiro OZAKI
  • February 8; "Expansion of the Internet and IX" by Toshinori ISHII
  • January 11; "Ruby: From Web-based Application to Bioinformatics" by Kazuo ISHII




  • December 1; A Camp with the PEAK/IT (Professional Engineers Association in Kansai / Information Technology) 
  • November 2; "A Situation of IT Legal Affairs Risk and the Role of the" by Yozo KONISHI
  • October 5; "Promotion of Logistic Efficiency by IT; A Case of Mate.Hand. " by Yukihiro KANO
  • September 7; "The technology and the Use Trend of Electronic Application and Electronic Supply" by Masanobu YOSHIKAWA
  • August; No Meeting
  • July 6; "IP-PBX  and  its  Feature" by takashi SAITO
  • June 8; "Rediscovery of Pattern Language from Information Systems Viewpoint" by Kiminobu KODAMA
  • May 19; "Introduction to a Method for Software Functional Size Measurement: COSMIC-FFP Method" by Masahiro ISHIDA and General Meeting
  • April 21; 22; IT21 10th Anniversary Symposium
  • March 2; "RNA Technology and Gene Delivery" by Kazuo ISHII
  • February 2; "Project Management in the General Contractors" by Kunihiro MASUKO
  • January 6; "Surface Data and Its Application Using Airborne Laser Profiler" by Yukihiro NAKAJIMA
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