Welcome to the IPEJ Project Team IT21

The IPEJ Project Team IT21

The IPEJ Project Team IT21 was launched in April 1997 as a project team of the IPEJ, the Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan.  The team holds monthly meetings to conduct business and the policy of the team is to encourage activities beyond the technical disciplines of its members.

  In this page, the activities of our team are reported and team members can share information.

About P.E.Jp

P.E.Jp (Professional Engineer, Japan; "Gijyutsushi" in Japanese) is the authorized engineering title of the Professional Engineer Law (PE Law) in Japan.  P.E.Jp is defined in the PE Law as an engineer who is certified and registered to practice in matters of planning, research, design, analysis, testing, evaluation, and guidance, which require advanced professional practical abilities in scientific and technological matters.

The Technical Disciplines of P.E.Jp

To get the title of P.E.Jp, applicants are required to pass the Professional Engineer Examinations and register as a Professional Engineer to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  There are separate Professional Engineer Examinations for each technical discipline.  At present, there are 21 technical disciplines; Mechanical Engineering, Marine & Ocean, Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Chemistry, Textiles, Metals, Mining, Civil Engineering, Water Supply & Sewerage, Environmental Engineering, Agriculture, Forest, Fisheries, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering, Applied Science, Biotechnology, Environment, Nuclear & Radiation and Comprehensive Technical Management. 

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